Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hold the line!

This Peninsular game saw a strong French attack  on a classic British reverse-slope position. They came on in the same old way, and we saw them off in the same old way!
On the British left, the French advance slowed and became a firefight:

Firefight on the left
Then on the ridge, things started to go against the French - their columns were repulsed, and a timely charge by British Light Dragoons turned a retreat into a rout:

On the British right, their only other cavalry - a small unit of Heavy Dragoons - managed to hold off repeated charges by French Dragoons until both units were virtually annihilated. Unaccountably, the French infantry seemed content to be spectators:

Cavalry slug it out on the right
Finally, the British were able to counter-attack through the very weak French centre and began to roll them up in both directions. On the British left, a couple of battalions reached the river and seized the ford, while on the right the Light Brigade hit the French attack in the flank :

British reach the ford
Light Brigade arrives

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